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What does it mean to simplify your life? A lot of people think of stripping away unnecessary material possessions. Or maybe it’s getting back to basics by figuring out what’s important and necessary in life? It could also be a mindset that has to do with decluttering and destressing your thoughts and emotions. We won’t ask you to become a minimalist but check out these helpful hints that might help simplify your life.

Establish A Morning Routine

How do you respond to your alarm clock going off? Do you spring out of bed or throw it across the room? There’s no right or wrong answer, however, establishing a morning routine that best suits your schedule, goals, and needs can set the tone for how the rest of the day will go. Not a morning person? Give yourself plenty of time to wake and ease into the day, maybe with a little TV or a book. Cut out anything that makes you feel rushed. Maybe you’re an early morning warrior that enjoys welcoming in the new day before the sun is up.

Schedule your workout in the morning to get your blood pumping. If you normally eat a full meal at breakfast, be consistent. Eating breakfast one day only to settle for coffee the next can mess with the consistency of a routine. A solid morning routine goes a long way to ensure a great start to everyday and, hopefully, a life that’s a little bit simpler as well.


Declutter Your Wardrobe

It’s truly amazing the amount of old junk that can build up in closets and dressers over the years. You may not even realize you’ve been holding on to old apparel and accessories buried in the back of your closet.

Like stepping into a time machine, diving deep into your wardrobe allows you to relive all the atrocious fads and fashions from back in the day. After you’re done reminiscing… minimize and organize. It’s nice to know that everything you pull out of your closet and dresser is a viable option.

Start a To-Do List

Everyone needs help navigating the chaos of life. Most of us keep up a very detailed and active to-do list at work, yet don’t bother to do so outside the office. Why? With everything we have going on, it’s so much simpler to keep an active list of what needs to get done rather bank of your memory.

There are tons of free apps you can download for something like that but it’s even easier to start a list in the notes section of your phone. Keep a running grocery list that you can easily add to throughout the week when needed.

Never again forget when soccer practice starts by making notes of all weekly events! You can also use your phones calendar to set alerts and notifications as well. Either way, keeping track of tasks and events in your phone ensures you always have it available when you need it. You can’t make it much simpler.

Use The 50/30/20 Rule

Personal finance can be a tricky thing to manage but is, nevertheless, paramount to maintaining the status quo throughout day-to-day life. Adopting a few basic and proven principles can help ensure a lifestyle that’s both rewarding and responsible.

The 50/30/20 principle says it’s advisable to spend 50% of your net (after tax) income on NEEDS like groceries, housing, and insurance. 30% on WANTS like shopping, dining out, and hobbies.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, putting 20% away in SAVINGS. The occasional splurge or impulse purchase mixed with predictable and necessary saving and spending provides proven life balance that can be addictive. Building up a savings account provides invaluable piece-of-mind, relieves loads of incapacitating stress, and makes life simpler!


Clean your Inbox

This one may seem minor but can make a world of difference. Cleaning out and maintaining a spam-free inbox works wonders to ensure you never miss important and relevant emails.

Get in the habit of either unsubscribing from or marking unwanted emails as spam. A couple weeks of doing this will ensure that any incoming email is one you need to see. Simple!

Set Goals

Many of the world’s most influential and successful people have at least one thing in common; impeccable goal-setting skills. Aspirations without goals are just dreams. Goal setting helps compartmentalize aspirations into bite-sized tasks making the journey ahead more manageable and achievable. Maybe you’re looking for more fulfilling relationships.

Write down traits you’re looking for and plan to go on a set number of dates per month. Looking for more responsibility at work? Set some career goals as well as a timeline for completing those goals. That can help you stay focused and on track. Benchmarking and tracking your goals and tasks over time will help provide a point of reference for you to gauge improvement and growth throughout the process.

It’s also important to make your plan visible throughout your day. Put your goals down in writing and tape them on your mirror. Corny, but this will help you visualize the steps you need to take while also acting as constant reminders. Otherwise, you risk them fading into the chaos of life and being forgotten completely.

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