Get informed before you apply


Please review the rental criteria below before completing your application. Please be aware that ResiHome receives multiple applications per property. As a result, all applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. ResiHome only reviews and considers completed applications. Applying to lease a property from ResiHome does not guarantee approval or create a binding lease agreement for the home. Approved applications will only be valid for 30 days from the approval date.*

Application Terms

  • Primary Applicant / Co-Applicant: All individuals aged 18 and over who are financially responsible for making lease payments and will sign the lease agreement and uphold the lease obligations. The applicant who starts the application process is referred to as the “Primary Applicant.” All others with similar responsibilities are referred to as “Co-Applicants.”

A Completed Application*

  • A filled out and submitted application via the secure ResiHome application at findings.com, including all individuals 18 years or older who will be occupying the home. All sections of the application must be completed for the application to be processed. This includes all required documents under the employment/income verification section below.
  • clear and legible copy of a valid & up-to-date government-issued photo I.D. document must be uploaded in pdf, jpg, jpeg, or png format. Acceptable forms of I.D. include:
    • State-issued driver’s license
    • State-issued identification card
    • U.S. Passport or Passport Card
    • U.S. Permanent Resident Card
    • Valid foreign passport (must provide a valid work visa issued by the U.S.)
  • Payment of all necessary fees (see “Fees” section below); and
  • Completion and passing of criminal, rental, and credit history background checks**

Please allow 24 to 72 hours for your application to be processed. If an application is submitted during the weekend or a holiday, that application will be processed the following business day. If you need to call back with more information regarding your application, please do so within this time frame.

Please remember to stay safe on the web and avoid rental fraud. Our rental applications can only be submitted through our secure online portal at findigs.com.

ResiHome reserves the right to request additional documentation at any time during the screening process to validate applicant(s) disclosed qualification requirements. By signing and submitting an application via the ResiHome website, the applicant consents to such additional documentation requests, which may be necessary to review and validate applicant qualifications.

* Housing Choice vouchers may be accepted based on property and location. Homes will not be secured and taken off-market until RTA (Request for Tenancy Approval) form has been received and approved, and Holding Fee paid.

** All applications are reviewed following established screening criteria and using services of TransUnion, a third-party screening provider, for credit and criminal background checks. TransUnion Dispute Department is located at P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016 and can be reached by visiting www.transunion.com or calling 888-710-0270.

Application Denial

Failure to provide all required documentation will result in a denied application and the forfeiture of all fees paid to reserve the home. Any determination of falsification of an application is grounds for immediate and automatic denial, as well as forfeiture of all fees paid to reserve the home and will deny the right of future occupancy.

Applicant(s) that reflect rental housing related Civil Judgments and/or Forcible Entry Detainer Judgments (Evictions) within 3 years of the application date are automatically declined.

Important Application Reminders

1. There may be multiple applications in progress on the home you are applying for. If your application is approved, the next step will be to pay the $500 holding fee (part of your security deposit). The holding fee is what reserves the home and takes it off the market, not your application. So don't wait! Make sure you complete your application in its entirety with all required documents to expedite the process to pay your holding fee and reserve your desired home!
2. Your application fee is non-refundable. 
3. Please allow 24-72 hours for processing of completed applications.  If all documents are not submitted this could delay the processing time of your application. 
4. Your home of interest likely includes additional fees in addition to the rent payment. Please make sure you have discussed these fees with your leasing agent to make the right decision for you. 
5. A 12-month lease term or greater is required.
6. If your application is approved on an available home, you must pay the holding fee, sign your lease, and move in within 14 days of your application approval date. Please note this 14-day period may not apply to a home in pre-leasing status.

Occupancy Limits

The allowable occupancy cannot exceed two persons per bedroom plus one additional person per home unless dictated by local, state, or federal law.


Number of Bedrooms: Occupancy Standard:
One Bedroom Three Persons
Two Bedrooms Five Persons
Three Bedrooms Seven Persons
Four Bedrooms Nine Persons
Five Bedrooms Eleven Persons

Employment & income verification: 


Applicants must have a minimum combined, verifiable net income of 2.3 times* the monthly rent amount. All applicants must provide their previous month’s pay statements/stubs and the prior three (3) months’ personal bank statements. Additional income documentation may be requested for verification purposes. All income documentation must be uploaded in pdf form.

Employment will be independently verified during the screening process. Any delayed response to the employment verification request may result in a delay or declination of the application approval.

See below for more information on the income verification requirements based on employment status:

Employment Status: Employee Verification Requirements:
Currently Employed Pay stubs for the last 30 days (Weekly pay period = 4 paystubs, Bi-Weekly = 2 paystubs, Monthly = 1 paystub), AND 3-months worth of bank statements. Applicants who have been with their current employer for fewer than 30 days shall provide all paystubs received AND an Employment Verification Letter confirming the date of employment and the terms of compensation.
Future Employment (starting a new job) Offer letters on their own will not be accepted as proof of verifiable income. Applicant(s) must provide an offer letter with at least one (1) corresponding paystub and at least three (3) months of bank statements. See alternate option for "Using Assets Only" below.
Self-Employed Business must have been in operation for at least 90 days prior to the application date. Three months of most recent bank statements AND a copy of the business license evidencing ownership.
Retired Current statement showing pension, IRA, or any other supporting retirement income from the issuing agency, AND three months of most recent bank statements showing the deposits of retirement income.
Social Security, Disability, GI, or other benefits Award letter, a statement from issuing agency, or a recent bank statement showing deposits.
Child Support and Alimony

Award letter (if available) AND three months of most recent bank statements showing the deposits of support.

Using Assets Only

Financial statement(s) from the past three (3) consecutive months.  Average monthly balance will be determined over a 12 month period and must be equal to or greater than 2.3 times the monthly rent amount. 
To qualify, financial statements may include proof of funds from checking/savings accounts, stocks/exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and money market funds. Funds cannot include 401k/retirement accounts unless the applicant is the required age/eligible to withdraw from retirement accounts without penalty.

Bank Statements

Credit Requirements

A credit report will be obtained from a third-party agency on all applicants who are financially responsible for lease payments. ResidentScore 4.0 is a credit scoring model built by TransUnion specifically for the tenant screening industry using millions of known tenant consumer leasing outcomes to zero in on the consumer credit trended behaviors that lead to an eviction or skip. The results from an applicant's ResidentScore will, in most cases, be different from credit score results that may be generated by Vantage, FICO, or other more commonly known credit scoring models (which are used in other industries, including credit card, auto loan, mortgage, insurance, etc.). Collections, charge-offs, absence of credit, foreclosures, repossessions, inquiries, and delinquencies may be considered during the credit report review. All bankruptcies must be closed for at least 30 days for an application to be considered. Open bankruptcies or more than one bankruptcy within the past seven years shall be cause for application declination.

Credit ratings shall determine security deposit levels.

*If no credit score is available AND no credit report is available, the application may still be considered, but the applicant(s) must earn a net monthly income equal to 4x the total rent for the home selected, and a 1.5-month security deposit would be required if approved, subject to state and local laws.

Rental & criminal history

Rental History

Applicants rental history shall be evaluated for an approval determination, subject to all state and local laws.

Applicant(s) that reflect rental housing related Civil Judgments and/or Forcible Entry Detainer Judgments (Evictions) within 3 years of the application date are automatically declined.

Criminal History

A criminal history verification will be conducted for all applicants 18 years of age or older using a third-party agency. The application will be denied for the following criminal convictions/records:

  • Any felony conviction/record within the past seven years.
  • A felony conviction/record for certain types of violent crime(s), arson offenses, robbery-related offenses, drug sale and manufacture offenses, and/or non-forcible sexual crimes within the past ten years.
  • Select misdemeanor convictions/records within three years.
  • All forcible sexual crimes and sex offender registrants will be declined regardless of time.
  • An OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) search report will be completed for each application. Any applicant that appears on an OFAC list is subject to automatic denial.

These requirements do not constitute a guarantee or representation that residents or occupants currently residing in our homes have not been convicted of or are subject to deferred adjudication for a felony, certain misdemeanors, or sex offense requiring registration under applicable law. There may be residents or occupants that have resided in one of our homes before the implementation of this policy. ResiHome’s ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available by the applicant and third-party credit reporting services utilized. Applicants and/or residents who are convicted of any of the above-listed offenses after lease application may be subject to the forfeiture of all fees paid to reserve the home or eviction if the conviction/record occurs after occupancy.


Pet Policy

A maximum of three pets is allowed in the home.

  • Pet Fees*: Pet owners are required to pay a non-refundable pet fee of $300 per pet, in addition to paying the $35 per pet, per month fee during their lease.
  • ALL animals on the premises are required to have up-to-date vaccination. Applicants must submit vaccination records, along with other application documents, via the resident portal.
  • Livestock and exotic animals are not permitted on the premises or within the home. Exotic animals include but are not limited to snakes, spiders, lizards, and mice. Livestock animals include but are not limited to chickens, cows, goats, pigs, and roosters.
  • Dog Breed Restrictions: Breed restrictions vary by client and are subject to all local and state laws as well as HOA’s.

*Pet fees do not apply in all states and are subject to all local and state laws


Application & Holding

  • Application fee(s) (if applicable)– $55* per adult occupant (all occupants 18 years of age or older)
    • Application fees are non-refundable.
  • Holding fee – All approved applicants must log in to the application portal and secure the home of choice within 24 hours of approval.  All applicants are required to place a $500* holding fee prior to having a lease generated.
    • The $500* holding fee becomes non-refundable once the holding fee payment is made. The holding fee will be credited towards the security deposit or other initial fees due 72 hours prior to the lease start date.
    • Pre-Leasing: The $500 Holding Fee is non-refundable upon payment, except when the home is pre-leased. When a home is pre-leased, the $500 Holding Fee becomes non-refundable 48 hours after informing the Approved Applicant the home is now available to tour. Please review our Pre-Leasing Program page for more information.
  • Administrative fee – $100 
  • Pet fee(s) (if applicable) – This fee will be due when the administrative fee is due.*
  • Monthly Fees – Please see below.

*Application and pet fees do not apply in all states and are subject to all local and state laws.



May include:

  • Fencing Options (varies)
  • Landscaping Fees (varies)
  • Pet fee – $35 per month per pet
  • Pool Maintenance Fee (for homes with swimming pools)
  • Septic Maintenance – $35 per month
  • Smart Lock Fees only – $4 per month
  • Smart Home Fees – $30 per month
  • Trash Fee (varies)
  • Utility Management Fee – $9.99 per month

Homeowner Associations


If a property is located in a community governed by an HOA, the HOA may have its own resident and lease approval process. ResiHome’s approval of the lease application shall be subject to the HOA’s approval, and the HOA may require additional information and documentation. HOA approval may take up to 30 additional days to process. Please plan accordingly and contact us for more details.


ResiHome does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law (The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988). Agents understand that it is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. This applies to the sale or rental of housing or residential lots. It also applies to advertising, the sale or rental of housing, and the financing or appraisal process. In addition, blockbusting is illegal. To assure residents or buyers that we don’t discriminate, we display Equal Housing Opportunity posters in our office and have its logo printed on our application forms.

By submitting this application, the applicant(s) acknowledge(s) and accept(s) that the lease application will be approved or rejected based on the information above, and that a completed application(s), even if accepted/approved, shall under no circumstance be considered a lease agreement between applicant (s) and Landlord. Falsification of any information on the lease application, provided documentation, or incomplete documentation will result in a decline of the application. Applicant(s) also agree(s) to submit all documents necessary to complete the application within 72 hours of the application date. All information must be verifiable.