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While many of us are staying home to keep ourselves and our families safe in the wake of a pandemic, finding ways to keep yourself busy can be a daily struggle. Why not spend the time you have now to get organized for the future? Decluttering your space makes everyday tasks easier and is great for your overall mental health. 

Since you have time, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself and do it all at once! You can start with one area of your home each day. Keep reading for some tips to get you started!

The Bedroom

Why not start here? Your bedroom should be a peaceful space - so that means no mess! The biggest culprit of an unkempt bedroom? The closet! It’s important to take some time to organize your closet in a way that makes it easy to get to what you need. This might mean filtering some items out.

Many of us have read or watched the Netflix series on Marie Kondo and tidying up. Her tip is to get rid of items that don’t spark joy. Have a shirt that you don’t love? Toss it! 

Once you’ve organized your closet, make sure you keep it that way! We’re all guilty of rushing to our next event and not putting clothes back on the hanger. Next thing you know, the closet’s a mess! Take the five extra seconds to hang your clothes up each day. 

Don’t forget about your dresser(s) and drawers as well. The cleanliness of your bedroom storage dictates the cleanliness of the rest of your room. You can organize your drawers by adding dividers to separate your items into sections. If your drawers and closet are too full, try to swap out your seasonal clothes. If you have extra space in another room, put your clothes there. If not, take advantage of some under-the-bed space with flat boxes.

As with any room, a little regular upkeep on the front end goes a long way. Take the time to get things organized and keep it that way. It’s worth it! 

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of those spaces that needs regular upkeep. Almost everyday we find ourselves doing a little kitchen maintenance (unless you eat out every meal)! A great way to keep your cabinets, drawers, and pantry organized is to do a regular cleanout. Here are some ideas to start: 

  • Pantry cleanouts should be a revolving activity. Throw away old expired food and/or take note of what you need to use sooner rather than later! Don’t forget to throw away those old herbs and spices - they do expire! 

  • Go through your cabinets and rid yourself of duplicate items. Don’t toss them - gift them to Goodwill or to a friend.
  • Don’t use it? Lose it! Have you used that sushi set, cupcake decorating kit, or bread maker in the last 2 years? If not, give those bulky items away. You won’t miss them! 

Throwing things away can be exhilarating, but only do so if it’s unused. If it’s useful or sentimental, keep it around! Cleaning out your cabinets and pantry every so often will make finding things easier and keep your organization on point. 

The Bathroom

The bathroom tips are similar to those used in the kitchen. If you don’t use it, lose it! Do you really need two hair dryers or five hair brushes, or is that just crowding your space? Don’t forget to get rid of those samples you’ll never use. Freebies are great, but sometimes they’re just in the way of an organized space!  

Another helpful tip is to group duplicates of products together in your cabinets and drawers. You won’t know what you have or when you need more unless those products are stored together. Store duplicates of items one behind the other for easy access.

The Office

In the wake of a pandemic, this one is extra important now that we’re turning random spots in our homes into our office spaces. Make sure to give this space some extra attention! Here are a few easy tips: 

  • Untangle all your cords by using a clip to hold them together, like a binder clip. This will straighten out any loose wires. 

  • Clean up your drawers by adding dividers. Don’t have dividers? Get creative and cut up a cereal box. 

  • Use any wall space to your advantage. Add a hanging pegboard or floating shelves so you can keep items off your desk.

The Garage

Last but not least is the toughest space to keep clean. This might take you the most time, so it’s good to start or end your cleaning journey with this task! Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you go: 

  • Take advantage of your wall space. Shelves and racks can save tons of space on the garage floor! Why not put your tools or sports equipment on display?

  • Consider making a station for the things you do most - like a gardening station that houses all your tools and fertilizers in one spot. 

  • If you come across camping gear and you don’t camp, ask yourself if you really need it. If the answer is no, give it to someone who does! 

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