Resident Responsibilities

Maintaining your home, together

While ResiHome is responsible for major updates and maintenance issues, you, as a renter, are responsible for smaller updates and the routine upkeep of your home.  Together we can keep your home safe and secure, while minimizing potential issues or headaches!

Your (resident) responsibilities 

Worker cleaning up the driveway from autumn leaves
  • Routine lawncare (incl. mowing, watering, raking, trimming, etc.)
  • Winterizing your home (prevent freezing of pipes, snow/ice removal, etc)
  • Routine cleaning/maintaining appliances
  • Replacement of light bulbs & air filters (every 3 months) 
  • See our Resident Guide for comprehensive list

Our (ResiHome) responsibilities 

Close up of hand repairing pipes with wrench
  • Major plumbing issues (leaking faucet, running toilet, etc.)
  • Intermittent electrical issues
  • Roofing issues (leak, roof damage, etc.)
  • Air conditioning/heating and water heater issues
  • And more (see comprehensive list below)
  • See our Maintenance page for comprehensive list

Your seasonal responsibilities

Please watch the videos below to learn more about your seasonal responsibilities!



Lawn maintenance and irrigation tips

Ensuring that your lawn is well-watered is an important part of properly maintaining your rental home, so it’s important to note the following:

  • If your home is new, keep the current sprinkler setting for one month, unless told otherwise, to allow the sod to grow properly.
  • All other times, please adjust your sprinkler settings in line with your county or municipality usage regulations or to your preferred setting (recommended twice per week, 15 mins each time).
  • Depending on the location of your rental home, an average water bill with irrigation costs included can range anywhere between $150-200/month after your first month.
  • Maintaining a healthy lawn is part of your standard resident responsibility.

Our promise to you

At ResiHome, we put our residents first and strive for excellence in everything we do, resulting in a better living experience for all. From our resident resources to our top notch customer service, everything we do is to ensure you have the home life you deserve.

a photo of a ResiHome employee and ResiHome resident hugging and laughing