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Utilities FAQs

Q.  I see there’s a new utility bill on my account. What is it for?

A.  After a recent audit of our system, it has come to our attention that some utility bills were not properly uploading into the resident portal. This one bill represents the accrual of any previously unpaid utility bills. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Q.  When is this utility bill due by?

A. The bill is due upon receipt. Please log in to your Resident Portal to pay the pending utility charge. We are here to assist you in making this payment. Please contact your Property Management team if you need to make a specific payment arrangement.

Q.  What payment options do I have?

A.  Please make your payment in full to ResiHome via your Resident Portal as soon as possible.  If you need to make a payment arrangement, please contact your Property Management team.

Q.  What if I can’t pay the bill?

A.  Pending utility bills left unpaid are eligible to be deducted from your Security Deposit. However, we will work with you in making this payment. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Q.  Will there be interest or late fees associated with this utility charge?

A.  No late fees, interest, or additional charges will be added to your account for these recent charges. For utility payments moving forward, all standard late fees will apply.

Q.  Will I be billed for utilities moving forward?

A.  We have since fixed the glitch and you should be receiving bills on your ledger. If you do not receive a bill moving forward, please contact your property management team.

Q. How often will I be charged for utilities?

A. Every region/area is different. Your most recent regularly scheduled utility bill will specify the billing cycle.

Q.  Where can I find bills moving forward?

A. To pay utility bills, log into your resident portal. You’ll be able to find and pay the bill in your tenant ledger.

Q.  Can I pay utility charges showing in my ResiHome Tenant Ledger to the utility company directly? 

A.  Please pay all utility bills located in your ResiHome tenant ledger to ResiHome via your resident portal. Do not pay bills found in your ResiHome ledger directly to the utility provider!

Q. What if I’ve already been paying my utility provider directly?

A. Stop paying the utility provider immediately. To be refunded, you’ll need to speak to the utility provider directly and have them issue a refund.

Q. Why are water & sewer showing up as separate charges?

A. Depending on your region, water & sewer could potentially be billed separately. Check your documents section for further info.

Q. Why am I being double charged for trash services?

A. If you have been paying for an independent trash service and have noticed an additional trash bill in your resident portal, please send a picture of the independent trash bill [showing account holders name] to your property management team so we can assist.