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October 2021 | ResiHome Blog | Kirsten S.

Finding the perfect rental home is no easy task. After weeks of searching, it’s easy to get worn out and weary after browsing countless rental listings, but at ResiHome, we make finding your dream rental quick and easy! Our newly updated and modern rental homes are designed to be so much more than simply a short-term living solution, they’re designed to be a home. Rentals have so much potential, and with some intentionality and imagination, you can find AND rent your dream home.

Continue reading below for four tips on how to find your dream rental!

4 Tips on How To Find The Perfect Rental: 

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1. Know What You’re Looking For //

Everyone thinks they know what they want when it comes to their new house. However, when it actually comes down to selecting the home, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated with all the choices. That being the case, take the time to make a specific list of qualities and characteristics that you’re looking for in your future home and community. By doing this, not only will you streamline the search process, but you’ll cut through the confusion and uncertainty of unknowns to better find your perfect rental.

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2. Research, Research, Research //

While it’s usually everyone’s least favorite part of the rental journey, putting in the time and effort to research a new area/community is critical for a renter’s long-term satisfaction. This step in the renter’s journey comes naturally after you’ve already listed out the qualities and characteristics you desire in a future home or community. Overall, having a deeper understanding of the local community enables you to strategically decide on what’s best for you long-term.

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3. Know Your Budget //

Individuals often find themselves making unfounded assumptions regarding what they can or cannot afford when it comes to renting. They tend to either over-estimate or underestimate the costs, one being worse than the other. However, once you add in all the additional costs, including HOA fees (if applicable), utilities, etc., your monthly rent budget may look a bit different than you originally anticipated. For this reason, take the time to break down your monthly finances to the last dollar so as to ensure that you can afford your dream rental before committing to a rental home.

Here’s a link to 7 of the best budget apps for 2021!

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4. Plan Ahead: Plan Out Your Timeline & Finances //

Let’s just say you want to move into a new rental within the next 6 months, plan out and break down the move-out and move-in process as well as your estimated budget. Write up a detailed outline of your rental timeline and moving budget to refer to throughout the moving process. Also, use code “RESIHOME10” for 10 % off your move with Bellhop! By planning out your timeline and budget, and hiring movers in advance, you’ll be able to move forward with confidence to make your dream rental a reality.

Click below for a FREE moving checklist!

For the most part, finding your dream rental can be a lengthy process. With ResiHome, we make finding your dream rental quick and easy! Rental life doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful.  At Resihome, the rental process is designed to be as simple and convenient as possible. We manage beautiful homes in great neighborhoods across the U.S and provide rentals at an affordable price so that you can find the perfect rental!

When you begin your search for your dream home, be sure to review our online listings for new rentals that suit your many needs. Click below to preview a wide selection of single-family homes and communities that offer brand-new or newly renovated rental homes. These homes feature all the wonderful benefits of a new house without the stress or cost of a long-term commitment.

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In these times of uncertainty, the struggles and stress seem to consume us. Whether you lose a job, lose a loved one, or are struggling with anxiety about the world we are currently living in, you are not alone. 

There are resources and strategies to help you stay financially and mentally healthy through this crazy time. It’s important to stay motivated and remember that it’s okay to ask for help, especially now!

Coping Financially

Financial anxiety surrounds every corner. Whether you’ve lost your job or are just struggling to make ends meet, these feelings are certainly overwhelming. The best things you can do are to use the resources available to you and to prioritize your spending.

Find out what you’re eligible for.

There are many programs you may be eligible for, such as; sick leave, disability, unemployment, or family medical leave. If you’re self-employed, you may be eligible for a small business loan to keep your business afloat. Don’t be afraid to use these resources! Check out this website to see what you’re eligible for in your state!

Governmental resources aren’t the only resources out there. Food banks and rental assistance are just two of many ways organizations are trying to help out in this time of need. We’ve provided a list of resources for you here.

Prioritize your bills.

You may be the type of person who always pays bills on time, but remember to prioritize necessities. Take care of your basic needs first – shelter, utilities, food, and transportation.

Don’t just ignore your other bills – contact the companies and explain your situation. They may be able to assist you or offer you a payment plan. The best thing you can do is communicate with others. We’re all in this together. 

Coping Mentally

Everyone reacts differently during stressful situations, and COVID-19 has taken this stress up a notch for everyone. Although this is understandable, there are still things you can do to take care of yourself to stay sane during this time of insanity. 

Reach out!

Don’t forget to connect with others. Call, text, or video chat with your loved ones. Now is the perfect opportunity to reach out to those who you’ve been missing or wanting to get in contact with. There’s no better time than now, and it will instantly increase your overall mood.

Take a break from the news. 

Okay, this is a big one. What have you seen in the news other than COVID-19 related topics recently? Constantly hearing about the pandemic can be upsetting and scary! It’s okay to take a break. When you call your friend or family member, just ask them for the highlights if you need to know!

Take care of your body! 

Seriously – we hear this over and over. But, how you treat your body has a huge impact on your mental health! During this time more than ever, it’s easy to get out of sync and fall into a new “normal” such as consuming alcohol daily or staying up late! Although it’s easy to do, don’t let yourself fall into these bad habits. Work on keeping up with the following:

  • Get plenty of sleep. Just because you can wake up later than usual doesn’t mean you should. Stick to a schedule and see the results!
  • Exercise regularly. Just take a daily walk outside and you will instantly see a lift in your overall wellness and mood! It’s important during these times of solidarity inside that you are still getting enough fresh air. Want to take it to the next level?  Youtube channels like POPSUGAR fitness have FREE workout classes available online! 
  • Fuel your body. Try to eat as healthy as you can – even if you’re on a budget. Frozen and fresh veggies have the same amount of nutrients! You may have more time than usual to cook, so take advantage. Also, try avoiding over-consumption of alcohol or consuming too many overprocessed foods.

And remember, if you need help, you’re not alone. There are tons of resources available to you or a loved one going through a time of depression or severe anxiety. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!