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The holidays are a time of gifting, and people search for meaningful ways to give each year. While most people look forward to celebrating this season surrounded by family and joy, there are families that are struggling to just get through this month with food on the table or a roof over their heads. You can “lend a giving hand” this holiday season by donating, and that does not only mean money. You can also donate your time or things. Charities, food banks, and local organizations rely on all kinds of donations to help families get through a difficult month. It’s time to spread some cheer this season!

Donate Money

Donating money is one of the easiest ways to give this holiday season. Imagine a Salvation Army Santa dressed up outside of your local grocery store. They are ringing their bell, next to their bucket for donations. You can just plop some cash into that bucket and continue with your grocery shopping. Other charities such as the Relevium Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, American Humane, and Feeding America, are always accepting monetary donations.

Our partner charity, the Relevium Foundation, seeks to provide temporary rent relief for families throughout the United States. This non-profit organization puts 100% of the donations received towards helping families in need of rental assistance for up to 3 months. You can visit their Donate page for easy ways to make a monetary donation this season. You can help a family keep their home for the holidays.

Shopping with Amazon is a must this season. Did you know that you could help Amazon donate to a charity of your choice with every purchase? At no cost to you, you can link a charity to your Amazon account through AmazonSmile! Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase on eligible items to the charity of your choice while you shop for holiday gifts for your family!

Donate Time

Donating money isn’t the only way to give back this season. While monetary donations are nice, there are charities and organizations that rely on volunteers. Donate a couple of hours of your time one weekend to a local food bank by packing and handing out non-perishable food items.

Meals on Wheels America assists senior citizens all around the country. They provide food and visits from volunteers. You can deliver a warm, healthy meal to a senior citizen that is living on their own and gain a new friend!

If you aren’t sure of what kind of volunteer work you want to donate your time to this holiday season, Great NonProfits is an organization dedicated to connecting volunteers to charities that need extra hands. Get connected this holiday season and find a cause that speaks to your heart. 

Donate Things

Don’t have time to spare this season, but still want to donate something? We have a variety of options for you. Organizations such as Toys for Tots, Samaritan’s Purse, and local churches strive to give people the best holiday possible. Toys for Tots and Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child have the same goal in mind – get presents to kids in need. Donate unopened toys to either of these organizations to distribute to kids all over the country that are not as fortunate.

One Simple Wish is an organization that supports children that are impacted by the foster care system. They collect wishes from these children for the holiday season and post them to their website. You can purchase one child’s dream gift to brighten their holiday season and let them know that they matter.

Giving back to those around you is the best gift of all this season. Lend a giving hand today and make someone’s day, month, or year!

With the Holidays just around the corner, the time to decorate and create your own winter wonderland is fast approaching. From greenery and fragrances to lights and outdoor displays, decorating as a renter can be challenging. This Holiday Décor Guide will help you navigate through decorating for the holidays to create a renter friendly and festive home.

Greenery and Scents

The first step to creating the perfect winter interior décor is to arrange your greenery. These options offer a way for you to bring the festivities to life in a simple and easy to install way.

If you are tired of relying on the typical and generic wax melts to fill your home with classic holiday fragrances such as Pine, Cinnamon, and Peppermint, here are several alternatives for you. Local nurseries stock up on scented pinecones all holiday season long. These include sweet smells, like cinnamon and vanilla, classic holiday scents like pine and clove. Arranging these in a shallow, holiday vase will give you a chic, simple design with beautiful fragrances throughout your home and the holidays. Fresh pine garlands and wreaths are a simple solution to filling your home with greenery décor and fresh scents.

PRO TIP: When searching for a fresh wreath or garland, be sure to purchase long-pine needled décor. Short pines, such as hemlock and spruce, tend to lose their moisture and pine leaves quickly. Long needled pines, like Cedar, stay fresh and full of fragrance longer.

Trees and Lights

The most difficult task of putting up lights for the holiday season is finding a simple way to have all the lights plugged in and shining bright. Large retailers, such as Target and Home Depot, offer a wide variety of pre-lit artificial trees , wreaths, and garlands to fit your style. Pre-lit trees are easy to put together, and the design of these trees is becoming more realistic each year. Essential oils offer a quick and easy way to add fragrance to your Christmas tree. Local nurseries are a great place to go for real, natural Christmas trees with no essential oils needed.

If you’re style is looking for a little added pizzaz, you can ask the local tree farms for a flocked tree or flock a tree yourself by adding artificial white snow to the branches and pines. While real trees are not pre-lit, retailers such as Hobby Lobby are filled with light and ornament arrangements to bring your holiday décor all together.

SAVINGS TIP: Keep your electricity usage at an all-time holiday low by setting your Christmas tree lights on an automatic timer. Gone are the days of manually plugging and unplugging your indoor and outdoor lights every day. Bluetooth timers connect to applications like Google Home and Alexa to make scheduling your home a breeze. These extensions plug right into your string lights and into the closest outlet to connect to your Google Home or Alexa.

Indoor Comfort

Adding little changes to fit your style throughout the season is a must. Holiday pillow covers and throws are an easy way to add some holiday cheer without breaking the budget. Create your own winter wonderland by updating your comforter to a holiday set. Add some fragrances into your space to bring it all together. These options are perfect for renters because they can be easily changed for every season and returned to normal.

Outdoor Décor

While outdoor lights are important, other easy outdoor décor can really make your home feel festive. Add a customized doormat to your entryway. Amazon offers cost efficient and trendy customizable doormats for every style. A Pre-lit wreath and some stick-on window or door Gel clings invites the holidays right in. Holiday outdoor projection lights are a wonderful way to illuminate your home with falling snowflakes or a rotating Santa projection. These can be found at retailers such as Lowes or Home Depot.

The holidays are an important time in everyone’s lives, and decorating for the season doesn’t have to be exhausting. Holiday décor can be simple, chic, and easy. Happy Holidays!

While this year has certainly flown by, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to the cooler weather, fresh hot cider, relaxing evenings spent with friends ’round a campfire, and afternoons devoted to cleaning out the gutters. Okay… so maybe we’re not too excited about the “cleaning out the gutters” part, but it’s still an important part of autumnal responsibilities when it comes to preparing your home for the new season.

That being said, in preparation for the exciting change in season, we’ve put together some great tips and tricks (and even a fall maintenance checklist) to help you better prepare your home for fall.

1. Double-check your heating & cooling system //

Check to make sure your heating system is working and prepared to be heavily utilized throughout the long winter season. Don’t push off testing your heating season before it’s too late! A proper heating system is a necessity for your home this fall and winter. Give your system a quick test run to make sure it’s operating properly. If it isn’t working, go ahead and put in a maintenance request on your tenant portal.

2. Clean your gutters //

Clear your gutters of debris to ensure that the fall leaves don’t block the flow of water drainage. A buildup of debris and old, dead leaves can cause potential water damage to the foundation of the home, so be proactive and clear out your gutters at least twice throughout the autumn season.

3. Rake the leaves //

While the very symbol of the autumn season, fall leaves can quickly become a hassle if not adequately tended to. Plus, an accumulation of old, dead leaves can be the perfect place for creepy crawlies to nestle (ew, no thanks!), so we encourage you to rake your leaves on a weekly basis in order to maintain a tidy lawn. Though you may assume raking to be a pretty straightforward task, you’d be surprised by how many people overlook this simple autumnal task.

4. Seal exterior-facing doors and windows //

Weatherstrip/caulk any cracks or leaks in the sealant surrounding exterior-facing doors and windows. By doing this, caulking helps keep the home well insulated and fights off any cold drafts that may come through any nooks and crannies.

5. Switch out your air filters //

There’s never a bad time to switch out your air filters for new, clean ones to maximize airflow throughout your home. Old air filters mean that dust, mold, pet dander, etc. may be floating through the air and are not as readily blocked, which is why it’s crucial to change your air filters with the start of each new season. This ensures that all particulate pollution in your home is more likely to be filtered out of the air that you breathe on a daily basis. Click HERE to purchase a new air filter.

While the autumn season is eagerly anticipated by most, it’s important to take the time to prepare your home for the change in season. By doing so, you can cut unexpected costs and have more time to actually enjoy the change in weather. For additional details, please watch the video below!

Want a detailed list of fall resident responsibilities? We’ve got you covered! Click HERE to review some basic responsibilities that will help you prepare your home for fall.

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Rent easily and live comfortably with ResiHome!

October 2021 | ResiHome Blog | Kirsten S.

Finding the perfect rental home is no easy task. After weeks of searching, it’s easy to get worn out and weary after browsing countless rental listings, but at ResiHome, we make finding your dream rental quick and easy! Our newly updated and modern rental homes are designed to be so much more than simply a short-term living solution, they’re designed to be a home. Rentals have so much potential, and with some intentionality and imagination, you can find AND rent your dream home.

Continue reading below for four tips on how to find your dream rental!

4 Tips on How To Find The Perfect Rental: 

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1. Know What You’re Looking For //

Everyone thinks they know what they want when it comes to their new house. However, when it actually comes down to selecting the home, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated with all the choices. That being the case, take the time to make a specific list of qualities and characteristics that you’re looking for in your future home and community. By doing this, not only will you streamline the search process, but you’ll cut through the confusion and uncertainty of unknowns to better find your perfect rental.

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2. Research, Research, Research //

While it’s usually everyone’s least favorite part of the rental journey, putting in the time and effort to research a new area/community is critical for a renter’s long-term satisfaction. This step in the renter’s journey comes naturally after you’ve already listed out the qualities and characteristics you desire in a future home or community. Overall, having a deeper understanding of the local community enables you to strategically decide on what’s best for you long-term.

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3. Know Your Budget //

Individuals often find themselves making unfounded assumptions regarding what they can or cannot afford when it comes to renting. They tend to either over-estimate or underestimate the costs, one being worse than the other. However, once you add in all the additional costs, including HOA fees (if applicable), utilities, etc., your monthly rent budget may look a bit different than you originally anticipated. For this reason, take the time to break down your monthly finances to the last dollar so as to ensure that you can afford your dream rental before committing to a rental home.

Here’s a link to 7 of the best budget apps for 2021!

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4. Plan Ahead: Plan Out Your Timeline & Finances //

Let’s just say you want to move into a new rental within the next 6 months, plan out and break down the move-out and move-in process as well as your estimated budget. Write up a detailed outline of your rental timeline and moving budget to refer to throughout the moving process. Also, use code “RESIHOME10” for 10 % off your move with Bellhop! By planning out your timeline and budget, and hiring movers in advance, you’ll be able to move forward with confidence to make your dream rental a reality.

Click below for a FREE moving checklist!

For the most part, finding your dream rental can be a lengthy process. With ResiHome, we make finding your dream rental quick and easy! Rental life doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful.  At Resihome, the rental process is designed to be as simple and convenient as possible. We manage beautiful homes in great neighborhoods across the U.S and provide rentals at an affordable price so that you can find the perfect rental!

When you begin your search for your dream home, be sure to review our online listings for new rentals that suit your many needs. Click below to preview a wide selection of single-family homes and communities that offer brand-new or newly renovated rental homes. These homes feature all the wonderful benefits of a new house without the stress or cost of a long-term commitment.

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August 2021 | ResiHome Blog | Kirsten S.

Here at ResiHome, we go to great lengths to ensure that our residents have the best rental experience possible. We achieve this through our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality service to our residents. That being said, we don’t stop there. We genuinely take pride in going above and beyond our resident’s expectations and go out of our way to ensure that our homes and communities are newly updated and ready to welcome our residents home. 

1. Home is Where The Heart is //

All of our homes are brand-new or newly renovated houses or townhomes with updated appliances and a freshly painted interior so that all you have to do is simply move in and enjoy the new space! With our rigorous quality assurance program, you can rest easy knowing that your rental home will exceed your high standards! This way you can focus on what matters most – your loved ones.

“My family and I are relocating and the process is a large undertaking. ResiHome made this process seamless and provided elite customer service in every interaction. In particular, Drew provided assistance on demand and calmed my fears at every turn. I would recommend this company and their services to anyone looking for a place to call home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, ResiHome!”

5-star Google review from
Ebony T.

Family Unpacking in new hope

2. Pet (and People) Friendly //

When you’re renting, you’re not just looking for a place to live, you’re looking for a home. You need a home where your guests feel welcome and where you can play fetch in the backyard with your pup. Good news – your furry (and not so furry) friends are welcome! We understand that pets can be a very important part of the family, which means they’re important to us too.

Click HERE to check out our Pet Policy!

Man on laptop with dog

3. A Helping Hand //

If you’re having trouble logging into your ResiHome portal or if you need assistance with a leaky faucet, we’re here to help. Whether we’re in the office or out in the field, we are dedicated to living out our core values on a daily basis. At ResiHome, we find joy in actively exhibiting enthusiasm, positivity, and responsibility in every area of our lives.

“They are ALWAYS there when I need something. I appreciate how quickly they respond to work orders. Super nice customer service.”

5-star Google review
Ashley A.

Man fixing lighting fixture

Overall, being a renter and finding your ideal rental home can seem like a challenge in and of itself. But that’s where we come in. ResiHome simplifies the rental process by offering our residents brand-new or newly renovated homes in major markets across the nation at affordable prices. Better yet, combining personalized technology with our first-class customer service, we provide our residents an enhanced rental experience unlike any other. This success is driven by our customer-first approach, everyday teamwork, and consistent innovation as we spearhead our way through the single-family residential market across the nation.

Ready to begin your ResiHome journey? Click below to explore a wide selection of single-family homes that offer state-of-the-art rental homes with all the perks of a brand-new or recently renovated home without the hassle or cost of a long-term commitment.

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