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ResiHome has once again been recognized by as one of the best property management companies in Atlanta! 2022 marks the third year—including 2020 and 2019, respectively—that the annual award has selected us as recipients. The award recognizes property management companies that consistently show exceptional performance while providing clients with a high level of value and service. As always, we’re committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and our personnel. We’ve received this honor multiple times because of our amazingly dedicated team members!

Acey Stinson, ResiHome’s Vice President of Property Management, said of the award,

Acey Stinson, ResiHome's VP of Property Management.

We’re honored to be recognized as one of the best property management companies in Atlanta. Since winning our last award, we’ve greatly expanded our expertise by adding additional talented and experienced team members.  As we expand our portfolio, we are excited about continuing to offer the best service in the industry to our clients and residents.

Stronger commitment to our customers.

We’ve always put our customers first, as our past awards prove. But we’re not content to rest on our laurels. In recent months, we’ve implemented new training so our customer service team is even more effective at responding to our customers and solving any issue that may arise. Whether you reach out to us over the phone, via email, or on social media, we guarantee that someone is working to help you solve whatever problem you may have.

Since being recognized in 2020, we have made substantial improvements to our customer service. These include better employee training programs, revamped Live Chat functionality, and enhanced escalation protocols. We will continue to improve who we are as a company and what we offer as a service; our customers deserve nothing less.

Shawn Braxton, ResiHome's National Director of Property Management.

We want to deliver first-class service that builds trust and authentic relationships with our residents, clients, vendors and teammates. We’re here to give our residents peace of mind to focus on what really matters, making a house into a home and creating lifelong memories.

One of the many ways we focus on delivering the best experience for our customers is through multiple points of availability. Current and prospective residents can easily reach us via phone, email, and social media. Many companies simply post content in a by-the-numbers manner on their social media channels. We, on the other hand, actually monitor our social pages and respond to comments left by our tenants and anyone interested in our services. Our driving purpose is to go above and beyond for our customers. That’s why we strive to set the bar higher in the Property Management industry.

Katie Hamby, our Resident Relations Manager, further expounds upon this, saying,

Katie Hamby, ResiHome's

At ResiHome we are resetting the industry standard for delivering exceptional service in everything we do. ResiHome is not just your average Property Management company, we are a new breed excited to redefine expectations with a mission to change the course of how Property Management is viewed. We are rebuilding and revising the definition of what customer service truly means and training our team members as well as implementing our vision and daily purpose into every day actions.

High-quality homes to match our customer service.

best property management companies in Atlanta

With such high-quality service, you’d naturally assume that we have high-quality homes, too, and you’d be right! Our homes are some of the best around, located in popular metro areas and suburbs alike. Since winning our last award, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include not only renovated homes, but also new builds. Furthermore, we now also offer dedicated rental communities with amenities, smart home tech, and 24/7 maintenance support. But that doesn’t mean we’re content to rest on our laurels. We’re looking forward to further solidifying our reputation for excellence well into the future. Thank you for allowing us to be one of the best property management companies in Atlanta!

best property management companies in Atlanta

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Rent easily and live comfortably with ResiHome!

The team at ResiHome has been recognized by as one of the best property management companies in Atlanta! The annual award recognizes property management companies that consistently show exceptional performance and continue to provide clients with a high level of value and service. At ResiHome, we’re continuously working on our processes and our people. We believe that this recognition comes from our great progress in the last few years!

We’re focused on great customer service.

When you’re looking for a place to call home, people matter. With team members who care about your needs and are always there to help, ResiHome has your back!

“We have made significant improvements to our customer service in the past few years, including better employee training programs, new Live Chat functionality, and enhanced escalation protocols,” stated Ky Tran, Vice President of Property Management at ResiHome. “This award validates our decisions to implement these programs.”

Our homes are great quality.

At ResiHome, our friendly service isn’t the only thing that’s high-quality. We also strive to deliver the highest quality homes in the neighborhood! All of our homes are newly renovated with updated appliances and a freshly painted interior. With our rigorous quality assurance program, you can be sure that your rental home will meet your high standards!

Our technology keeps expanding.

Rental life should be convenient. Although you can always call our team of dedicated professionals, you can also manage your entire rental experience online! We offer our residents an easy-to-use online portal to pay rent and submit maintenance requests from any device.

Not only is our technology great for our residents, but our reporting for property owners is continuously improving. Andy Capps, co-CEO of RESICAP, the parent company of ResiHome, made it clear that technology is a major differentiator for ResiHome. “Our sophisticated software provides complete transparency to owners and investors, offering real-time data analysis, customizable reporting, automatic listing syndication, expedited tenant screenings, auto-assigned work orders, and more. These features allow ResiHome to offer a level of performance and service that other companies simply can’t match.”

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It may not feel like it entirely, but summertime is here! Despite the circumstances, there are tons of things you can do with your family, roommate, significant other, and yourself! Not only are there still many activities to do, but don’t forget that now is a great time to take advantage of doing those things you’ve been wanting or needing to do but didn’t have the time. Since you don’t have the FOMO (fear of missing out) on hanging out with your friends and coworkers, take this time to take that online class, learn a new skill, or organize your online photos, or call your parents/friends every day! Read on for some great ideas on having fun and bettering yourself!

Good old indoor fun:

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You know what else now is a great time for? Improving your landscaping! If you have some extra time, head to the local store to grab some new plants and flowers, or get some herbs and vegetables and start the garden you didn’t have time for before!

Learn a new skill.

Don’t let this time go to waste! Even if you only have an additional hour in your day from not commuting, or you’re still working each day but aren’t spending as much time with friends and family – now is a time to take advantage of! 

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Do some good in the world.

As much fun as we can have right now, what’s going on in the world is rough! Do your part and donate to your local charity or volunteer. Chances are that your local food pantries are struggling and in need of food. Bring your extra cans and ask how you can help!

Take time to work on your health. 

This one might not sound as fun as the others, but it can be! Gym closed? No problem! Youtube and other Apps are home to some amazing free workouts. Try Popsugar or Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube, or the Daily Workouts App.

If you’re working out indoors, don’t forget to still get outside! Make a habit of taking a long walk each night after dinner and you’d be amazed by the health benefits that just that can bring!

This might be a short list, but there are tons of activities to pass the time! From home cooking competitions to virtual dance parties, we know there’s something for everyone! Despite the sadness of the world, do your best to enjoy the time you can spend with your loved ones – virtually or in person.