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Personalizing your Rental Home

We’re so happy you’ve found a rental home you love, and now it’s time to make it feel like your own. It might technically be a rental,  but it doesn’t need to feel like one. These days, you can find all kinds of easily removable decor – from wallpaper to kitchen backsplashes. It’s time to put your personality into it! 

Amp up the Art 

Displaying the right artwork will make your personality shine through in your home. Whether you decide to DIY some art canvases or go thrifting for some great art, cover the walls with whatever is meaningful to you. Don’t forget to hang the family photos – collage walls are all the rage, and for a good reason!

Add Temporary Pattern 

If you don’t want to paint and repaint, why not give that boring main wall a touch that screams “you” by grabbing some removable wallpaper. has so many options, you won’t know where to start.

No backsplash in the kitchen? Wallpaper it! A blank frame that needs some texture? Wallpaper it! Check out some other ideas on fun ways to use wallpaper.

Layer your Rugs

It may sound simple, but wow can rugs make a difference! Not loving the beige carpet in your bedroom? Add a rug on top! IKEA has some brightly colored rugs that can add a ton of personality to your space. 

A Touch of Paint

If you plan to stay awhile (we hope you do!), then consider painting an accent wall or two. Don’t want to paint the walls but still want to add some color to your space? Paint your old wood furniture! Add some personalization by painting an old chair a bright color or use a new stain. It will feel like new!

Create an Illusion

Did you know that hanging mirrors creates the illusion of a bigger space? Hang a mirror in a stylish frame and add personalization to your new home! Bonus points if it’s across from a window – it will reflect natural light back into the room. Voila! 

Have you customized your home yet? Tag us with your photos on Facebook – we’d love to share them!