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Residents in select communities may have a fence built for their homes after receiving approval from ResiHome. Please see the instructions and fence requirements below prior to filling out the form.

Photograph of a cedar fence.


  1. Read the fence requirements listed below.
  2. Contact a licensed fence contractor to provide a quote and rendering of the fence.
  3. Fill out the Fence Request Form found below.

Fence Requirements

  1. Resident is responsible for paying for fence installation.
  2. Resident is required to use a licensed and insured fencing company.
  3. The fence must be a 6 foot tall dog ear shadowbox fence (see image below).
  4. The fence must be built with pressure treated fence pickets.
  5. Support structure of the fence must be built with pressure treated lumber.
    • There should be a minimum of 3 horizontal supports made of 2″x4″ pressure treated lumber and the post should be 4″x4″x8″ of pressure treated lumber with a minimum 18″ in the ground and secured in concrete.
  6. All fences must attach to any existing neighbor fence that had previously been authorized, if applicable.
  7. A gate must be built on the part of the fence facing the front yard no more than 3 feet from the side of the house.
  8. The gate must be a minimum of 42 inches wide and a maximum of 48 inches wide.
  9. The gate must swing out towards the front yard.
  10. Resident is responsible for keeping up with the mowing schedule and making sure animals are not in the fenced area on mowing day. The property management company, the owner, or the vendor will not be responsible for animals who escape from the fenced area.
  11. The fence must be built flush with the back of the house but may not be attached to the house.
  12. The fence must be built within 6 inches inside the property line along the 2 sides running towards the back and the back fence line.
  13. The fence must not change or obstruct the flow of water and underground utilities may not be disturbed. The fence contractor must contact 511 Call before you dig prior to starting, once approved.
  14. Location of fences on corner lot homes are at the discretion of property management.
  15. A survey must be performed at the resident’s expense. ResiHome will coordinate and engage the contractor. The cost to the resident will be $400.00 added to the ledger.
  16. The resident must provide ResiHome with a detailed sketch of the fence location that the fence contractor created, along with the surveyed site map.
  17. The fence installation must be approved by ResiHome prior to any land preparation or construction of the fence.

Please note that fences may not be painted or stained, only to be clear coated.