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With the Holidays just around the corner, the time to decorate and create your own winter wonderland is fast approaching. From greenery and fragrances to lights and outdoor displays, decorating as a renter can be challenging. This Holiday Décor Guide will help you navigate through decorating for the holidays to create a renter friendly and festive home.

Greenery and Scents

The first step to creating the perfect winter interior décor is to arrange your greenery. These options offer a way for you to bring the festivities to life in a simple and easy to install way.

If you are tired of relying on the typical and generic wax melts to fill your home with classic holiday fragrances such as Pine, Cinnamon, and Peppermint, here are several alternatives for you. Local nurseries stock up on scented pinecones all holiday season long. These include sweet smells, like cinnamon and vanilla, classic holiday scents like pine and clove. Arranging these in a shallow, holiday vase will give you a chic, simple design with beautiful fragrances throughout your home and the holidays. Fresh pine garlands and wreaths are a simple solution to filling your home with greenery décor and fresh scents.

PRO TIP: When searching for a fresh wreath or garland, be sure to purchase long-pine needled décor. Short pines, such as hemlock and spruce, tend to lose their moisture and pine leaves quickly. Long needled pines, like Cedar, stay fresh and full of fragrance longer.

Trees and Lights

The most difficult task of putting up lights for the holiday season is finding a simple way to have all the lights plugged in and shining bright. Large retailers, such as Target and Home Depot, offer a wide variety of pre-lit artificial trees , wreaths, and garlands to fit your style. Pre-lit trees are easy to put together, and the design of these trees is becoming more realistic each year. Essential oils offer a quick and easy way to add fragrance to your Christmas tree. Local nurseries are a great place to go for real, natural Christmas trees with no essential oils needed.

If you’re style is looking for a little added pizzaz, you can ask the local tree farms for a flocked tree or flock a tree yourself by adding artificial white snow to the branches and pines. While real trees are not pre-lit, retailers such as Hobby Lobby are filled with light and ornament arrangements to bring your holiday décor all together.

SAVINGS TIP: Keep your electricity usage at an all-time holiday low by setting your Christmas tree lights on an automatic timer. Gone are the days of manually plugging and unplugging your indoor and outdoor lights every day. Bluetooth timers connect to applications like Google Home and Alexa to make scheduling your home a breeze. These extensions plug right into your string lights and into the closest outlet to connect to your Google Home or Alexa.

Indoor Comfort

Adding little changes to fit your style throughout the season is a must. Holiday pillow covers and throws are an easy way to add some holiday cheer without breaking the budget. Create your own winter wonderland by updating your comforter to a holiday set. Add some fragrances into your space to bring it all together. These options are perfect for renters because they can be easily changed for every season and returned to normal.

Outdoor Décor

While outdoor lights are important, other easy outdoor décor can really make your home feel festive. Add a customized doormat to your entryway. Amazon offers cost efficient and trendy customizable doormats for every style. A Pre-lit wreath and some stick-on window or door Gel clings invites the holidays right in. Holiday outdoor projection lights are a wonderful way to illuminate your home with falling snowflakes or a rotating Santa projection. These can be found at retailers such as Lowes or Home Depot.

The holidays are an important time in everyone’s lives, and decorating for the season doesn’t have to be exhausting. Holiday décor can be simple, chic, and easy. Happy Holidays!

While the holiday season isn’t too far off, a whole lot has to happen between now and Christmas. From settling in and unpacking to decorating and painting, there’s so much to do in your new rental home. While the craziness of moving in can be overwhelming, now is the perfect time to finish off your guest room before the holiday season gets too hectic! Don’t let your unfinished guest room hinder you from hosting beloved friends and family this Holiday season. Instead, find the inspiration you need to prepare the guest room so that you and your friends and family can enjoy the holidays to the very fullest!

Need some guest room inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Read below for some tips and tricks on how to make your guest room feel extra welcoming this Holiday season!

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Keep it simple //  

A guest room doesn’t need too much in order to be comfortable. Keep your guest room simple, and don’t overcrowd the room with unused furniture from throughout the house. Instead, minimize the number of large pieces of furniture in the room to maximize the space. An excellent tip to keep in mind regarding furniture is to stick with the basics. Nightstands and a matching dresser with tasteful table lamps can create a consistent and cozy feel throughout the room without feeling too overcrowded. Alternative lighting sources always add a more homey and comfortable touch to the room. Keeping the tabletops clear of small items also makes the room seem tidier while allowing your guests to utilize the space to better suit their needs.

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Create an Atmosphere //

Whether the walls are white and the room is light and airy, or the walls are dark and moody in contrast to fun and eclectic furniture, make sure to create a consistent atmosphere throughout the room. If you’re aiming for a light and airy look, stay away from large, dark pieces of furniture that take up a lot of space and demand attention. Instead, opt for natural-wood pieces, light curtains (like cream linen), and alternative lighting sources (like table lamps or wall sconces) versus a bright, harsh fluorescent overhead light. If the room is dark, balance out the dark walls with simple furnishings, larger mirrors (which naturally brighten up a space and make it look larger than it actually is), and tasteful lighting. Overall, you want to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere from the moment the guest walks in until they leave.

Pro Tip: Lighting can transform any room! Providing gentle and soothing light can help set the tone in the room and create a cozy environment.

Nov. Blog Photo - Fresh Bedding

Keep It Fresh  //

There’s nothing quite like settling in for a good night’s sleep in a comfortable and calming guest room with fresh linens, blankets, and a soothing scent hanging in the air. A comfortable mattress, some new linens, and extra blankets (in case they get chilled) can make a guest’s stay so much more enjoyable. Providing your guest with fresh bed linens, cozy blankets, and a guest room that is properly cleaned and free from dust and dirt can mean a lot to your guest. While it’s always a temptation, avoid using your guest room as a storage area full of a motley collection of furniture and decor. Instead, keep the guest room clear of junk and storage boxes and instead create a warm and inviting atmosphere by keeping the room tidy with minimal furniture.

Pro Tip: Spray an all-natural room scent in your guest room right before your guests arrive to deodorize the space and make the room smell fresh. That being said, try to avoid polarizing scents like super sweet fruity scents or strong, musky scents, in case your guest is sensitive to certain scents. Stick to the basics, and play it safe with a fresh linen or airy lavender scent.

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Go the Extra Mile  //

When your guests arrive, surprise them with a tray on their bedside table or bed, featuring a small vase of fresh flowers, brand new soap for them to use, or even extra travel-sized hygiene products (like three oz. shampoo, conditioner, & toothpaste for them to use during their stay), as well as some fresh towels neatly folded on their bed. To make their stay even more special, add their favorite chocolate bar to the tray and set out a comfortable bathrobe for your guest’s use throughout their stay at your home. This kind gesture goes a long way, making your friends and family feel cared for while simultaneously ensuring they have what they need to better enjoy their visit. Plus, we all have that one friend or family member who always forgets something while traveling for the holidays, so it’s always convenient to be prepared and have extra items (like toothbrushes, soaps, razors, lotions, etc.) on hand, just in case.

Instead of feeling intimidated by hosting for the Holidays, this Christmas, we hope that, by using a few of our tips and tricks, you and your guests can enjoy the wonderful holiday season to the fullest.

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Install fresh batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Don’t forget to test them! Also, check your fire extinguishers.

Basements are notoriously overlooked, especially if they’re primarily used as storage areas. Dust, clean windows, and dry out areas prone to moisture.

Re-caulking showers and tubs can prevent leaks and make it more attractive. You may also want to remove shower heads and clean any built-up sediment. This can prolong its life and help with water pressure.

If any locks or deadbolts do not work properly, perform a quick diagnostic. In most cases, a light lubrication of WD40 or a slight adjustment will do the trick. If there is a more severe issue, please contact us.

Always, always be extra careful when working with electricity. Check that all outlets work, including testing GFCI outlets. If you have any reason for concern, please contact us.

When the temperature plunges below zero, be sure to de-ice all cables sitting at the front of your roof and any other ice dams you see.  Do not let icicles grow, as much as the kids may want you to. They’re not only a danger to people standing beneath them, but they’re incredibly heavy and can cause damage to your home.

Have a good supply of sidewalk salt, strong shovels, and ice scrapers as winter approaches. You never know when that first snow will come. Snow removal is the resident’s responsibility.

Air filters prevent harmful debris, dirt, and contaminants from entering your home and ruining your HVAC system. Change your filter every 3 months.