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With a thriving housing market and inflation on the rise, the ongoing debate of homeownership versus renting is as heated as ever. However, with the average home selling at 19% higher than years prior, according to the Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, the drastic growth in the housing market over the last two years could prove to be a deal-breaker in the longstanding debate. As a result, many are deciding to rent instead of buy in response to the low inventory and high cost of homeownership nationwide. After all, with home prices at an all-time high, can the value of your home really increase much further? Historically, buying a home could be the more affordable option over a longer period of time, but in the current housing market and with inflation at an all-time high, renting just may be your best option yet.

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1. A fixed monthly rate means more financial flexibility! //  

“Homes are expensive now … but for most people, the comparison that is most important is how that cost of homeownership is going to compare to the cost of renting,” says Jeff Tucker, Zillow’s senior economist, in a recent interview with CNBC. That being the case, experts predict that in 2022, the average American won’t have as much disposable income to invest in purchasing a home, especially with decreased discretionary income, increased mortgage rates, increased inflation, and the unpredictable costs of long-term home repair and maintenance. In contrast, while rental prices may rise with inflation in 2022, renters have the advantage of a short-term financial commitment with minimal up-front costs, increased financial flexibility, and consistent, predictable monthly rates. 

2. Minimal emergency costs allow for strategic financial planning! //

One of the significant benefits of renting a home during these uncertain times is that you are not required to pay the taxes and unexpected fees (HOA and Municipal) often associated with the home. Renting a home can provide residents with peace of mind, knowing that, unlike buyers, should any emergency maintenance issues arise, they are not required to cover maintenance costs. Instead, renters simply need to call their property management company and inform them of the issue, which is then often resolved quickly and efficiently. In comparison, homeowners should be prepared to financially invest considerable funds in emergency home maintenance and repair throughout the years. For the most part, while owning a home can allow for unique opportunities not always readily available to renters, renting a home is generally a more stress-free living experience.

3. Transfer rental homes without the stress of having to sell! //

Another wonderful benefit to renting in 2022 is the ability to strategically relocate quickly and efficiently. Let’s just say you just got a new job in a new location, rather than going through the hassle and stress of preparing your home to sell (renovating/updating as needed, deep cleaning, etc.), putting it on the market, and waiting for a buyer, a renter can generally move out of their rental home within a two to three week period, if needed. Some rental companies (like ResiHome) even offer current residents the convenient option of simply transferring rental homes, thus minimizing the resources and energy required to move to a new location with a new property management company. With more U.S. households renting now than ever before, builders and rental companies alike are stepping it up a notch by providing renters with brand-new rental homes in dedicated rental communities, making it wonderfully simple to rent a beautifully designed, newly-built home at an affordable price. 

Take time to research what would work best for you and your lifestyle. 

Ultimately, while renting a home in the current economy has strong arguments, the reality is that the answer to which living option is “better” is going to look different for everyone, depending on varying needs and preferences. Industry experts agree that the best approach to buying or renting comes down to the individuals involved and what works best for them. As such, we encourage potential buyers and aspiring renters to carefully consider both sides of the argument so that they can make an informed decision that better aligns with their current life goals. 

Don’t give up on your dream home – rent with ResiHome!

Whatever your current life goals may be, here at ResiHome, we make it easy for everyone to find their ideal home by offering great rental opportunities to residents seeking high-quality single-family homes at an affordable monthly rate in great locations nationwide. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful newly-built home in a growing suburb or a great renovated property in a well-established neighborhood, ResiHome has it all! Click the button below to learn more about why you should consider renting with ResiHome! 

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While the holiday season isn’t too far off, a whole lot has to happen between now and Christmas. From settling in and unpacking to decorating and painting, there’s so much to do in your new rental home. While the craziness of moving in can be overwhelming, now is the perfect time to finish off your guest room before the holiday season gets too hectic! Don’t let your unfinished guest room hinder you from hosting beloved friends and family this Holiday season. Instead, find the inspiration you need to prepare the guest room so that you and your friends and family can enjoy the holidays to the very fullest!

Need some guest room inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Read below for some tips and tricks on how to make your guest room feel extra welcoming this Holiday season!

Nov. Blog Photo - Clean bedroom

Keep it simple //  

A guest room doesn’t need too much in order to be comfortable. Keep your guest room simple, and don’t overcrowd the room with unused furniture from throughout the house. Instead, minimize the number of large pieces of furniture in the room to maximize the space. An excellent tip to keep in mind regarding furniture is to stick with the basics. Nightstands and a matching dresser with tasteful table lamps can create a consistent and cozy feel throughout the room without feeling too overcrowded. Alternative lighting sources always add a more homey and comfortable touch to the room. Keeping the tabletops clear of small items also makes the room seem tidier while allowing your guests to utilize the space to better suit their needs.

Nov. Blog Photo - White room

Create an Atmosphere //

Whether the walls are white and the room is light and airy, or the walls are dark and moody in contrast to fun and eclectic furniture, make sure to create a consistent atmosphere throughout the room. If you’re aiming for a light and airy look, stay away from large, dark pieces of furniture that take up a lot of space and demand attention. Instead, opt for natural-wood pieces, light curtains (like cream linen), and alternative lighting sources (like table lamps or wall sconces) versus a bright, harsh fluorescent overhead light. If the room is dark, balance out the dark walls with simple furnishings, larger mirrors (which naturally brighten up a space and make it look larger than it actually is), and tasteful lighting. Overall, you want to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere from the moment the guest walks in until they leave.

Pro Tip: Lighting can transform any room! Providing gentle and soothing light can help set the tone in the room and create a cozy environment.

Nov. Blog Photo - Fresh Bedding

Keep It Fresh  //

There’s nothing quite like settling in for a good night’s sleep in a comfortable and calming guest room with fresh linens, blankets, and a soothing scent hanging in the air. A comfortable mattress, some new linens, and extra blankets (in case they get chilled) can make a guest’s stay so much more enjoyable. Providing your guest with fresh bed linens, cozy blankets, and a guest room that is properly cleaned and free from dust and dirt can mean a lot to your guest. While it’s always a temptation, avoid using your guest room as a storage area full of a motley collection of furniture and decor. Instead, keep the guest room clear of junk and storage boxes and instead create a warm and inviting atmosphere by keeping the room tidy with minimal furniture.

Pro Tip: Spray an all-natural room scent in your guest room right before your guests arrive to deodorize the space and make the room smell fresh. That being said, try to avoid polarizing scents like super sweet fruity scents or strong, musky scents, in case your guest is sensitive to certain scents. Stick to the basics, and play it safe with a fresh linen or airy lavender scent.

November Blog Post Images

Go the Extra Mile  //

When your guests arrive, surprise them with a tray on their bedside table or bed, featuring a small vase of fresh flowers, brand new soap for them to use, or even extra travel-sized hygiene products (like three oz. shampoo, conditioner, & toothpaste for them to use during their stay), as well as some fresh towels neatly folded on their bed. To make their stay even more special, add their favorite chocolate bar to the tray and set out a comfortable bathrobe for your guest’s use throughout their stay at your home. This kind gesture goes a long way, making your friends and family feel cared for while simultaneously ensuring they have what they need to better enjoy their visit. Plus, we all have that one friend or family member who always forgets something while traveling for the holidays, so it’s always convenient to be prepared and have extra items (like toothbrushes, soaps, razors, lotions, etc.) on hand, just in case.

Instead of feeling intimidated by hosting for the Holidays, this Christmas, we hope that, by using a few of our tips and tricks, you and your guests can enjoy the wonderful holiday season to the fullest.

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October 2021 | ResiHome Blog | Kirsten S.

Finding the perfect rental home is no easy task. After weeks of searching, it’s easy to get worn out and weary after browsing countless rental listings, but at ResiHome, we make finding your dream rental quick and easy! Our newly updated and modern rental homes are designed to be so much more than simply a short-term living solution, they’re designed to be a home. Rentals have so much potential, and with some intentionality and imagination, you can find AND rent your dream home.

Continue reading below for four tips on how to find your dream rental!

4 Tips on How To Find The Perfect Rental: 

Couple on laptop

1. Know What You’re Looking For //

Everyone thinks they know what they want when it comes to their new house. However, when it actually comes down to selecting the home, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated with all the choices. That being the case, take the time to make a specific list of qualities and characteristics that you’re looking for in your future home and community. By doing this, not only will you streamline the search process, but you’ll cut through the confusion and uncertainty of unknowns to better find your perfect rental.

Man on laptop

2. Research, Research, Research //

While it’s usually everyone’s least favorite part of the rental journey, putting in the time and effort to research a new area/community is critical for a renter’s long-term satisfaction. This step in the renter’s journey comes naturally after you’ve already listed out the qualities and characteristics you desire in a future home or community. Overall, having a deeper understanding of the local community enables you to strategically decide on what’s best for you long-term.

Girl on laptop

3. Know Your Budget //

Individuals often find themselves making unfounded assumptions regarding what they can or cannot afford when it comes to renting. They tend to either over-estimate or underestimate the costs, one being worse than the other. However, once you add in all the additional costs, including HOA fees (if applicable), utilities, etc., your monthly rent budget may look a bit different than you originally anticipated. For this reason, take the time to break down your monthly finances to the last dollar so as to ensure that you can afford your dream rental before committing to a rental home.

Here’s a link to 7 of the best budget apps for 2021!

Calendar w Pen

4. Plan Ahead: Plan Out Your Timeline & Finances //

Let’s just say you want to move into a new rental within the next 6 months, plan out and break down the move-out and move-in process as well as your estimated budget. Write up a detailed outline of your rental timeline and moving budget to refer to throughout the moving process. Also, use code “RESIHOME10” for 10 % off your move with Bellhop! By planning out your timeline and budget, and hiring movers in advance, you’ll be able to move forward with confidence to make your dream rental a reality.

Click below for a FREE moving checklist!

For the most part, finding your dream rental can be a lengthy process. With ResiHome, we make finding your dream rental quick and easy! Rental life doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful.  At Resihome, the rental process is designed to be as simple and convenient as possible. We manage beautiful homes in great neighborhoods across the U.S and provide rentals at an affordable price so that you can find the perfect rental!

When you begin your search for your dream home, be sure to review our online listings for new rentals that suit your many needs. Click below to preview a wide selection of single-family homes and communities that offer brand-new or newly renovated rental homes. These homes feature all the wonderful benefits of a new house without the stress or cost of a long-term commitment.

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Fall is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited about it!  From the pumpkin spice lattes to the cozy throw blankets and the cool, crisp weather, there are so many reasons to love Fall. The beautiful change in season is the perfect time to cozy up your home with autumnal classics to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for you (and your guests) to enjoy!

Need some autumn inspiration for your home? Here are 5 simple ways to spruce up your home this fall! 

1. The Scent of Fall: Scented Candles //

Fill your home with the welcoming and refreshing scent of fall by purchasing your favorite fall-scented candles. Lighting candles help create a more calming and ambient atmosphere throughout your home. Plus, natural-scented soy candles, like fresh cinnamon or spiced pumpkin, are easy to find at your local Marshalls or Target.

2. Keeping It Cozy: Throw Blankets & Pillows //

Throw blankets and pillows are a wonderful way to cozy up any living room or guest room. Neutral-colored autumn colors, like sage green or mustard yellow, or even fun prints like plaid and gingham, spice up any room. Pillows and throw blankets are also easy decor items to swap out as the seasons change. Need some pillow or blanket inspiration for your home? Click HERE! 

3. Pumpkins, Gourds, & Mums Galore //

Pumpkins, gourds, and mums are autumn classics and give us all the fall feels. Add a little greenery or pinecones and neatly arrange the pumpkins, gourds, and mums on your front porch, fireplace mantel, or table to spice up the space. You can usually find these at your local grocery store or craft store. 

4. Greenery: Fall-Themed Centerpieces //  

While pumpkins and gourds are autumn staples, adding some extra greenery creates a lovely contrast and makes any autumn arrangement pop. For a more natural look, arrange some succulents with the beautiful fall leaves (or branches) and pinecones to create a simple and natural autumn arrangement for your table or fireplace mantel. 

5. Inspiring Framed Quotes // 

Whether you’re quoting Anne, of Anne of Green Gables, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, classic autumnal quotes are a wonderful way to add subtle but sweet touches of fall throughout your home. Display these framed quotes on a fireplace mantel, a hallway wall, or even in your bathroom on a shelf to warm up the space. Framed quotes lend a comfortable and inspirational feel to your home, and are easy to switch out with the changing of the seasons. Click below for 3 FREE Fall Printables for you to download, print out, and frame. 

With the autumn season finally upon us, don’t forget to add a little bit of autumn to your home to make this fall cozier than ever!

Are you looking for a new rental this autumn? Click below to explore our wide selection of single-family homes that offer state-of-the-art rentals with all the perks of a brand-new or recently renovated home without the hassle or cost of a long-term commitment.

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August 2021 | ResiHome Blog | Kirsten S.

Here at ResiHome, we go to great lengths to ensure that our residents have the best rental experience possible. We achieve this through our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality service to our residents. That being said, we don’t stop there. We genuinely take pride in going above and beyond our resident’s expectations and go out of our way to ensure that our homes and communities are newly updated and ready to welcome our residents home. 

1. Home is Where The Heart is //

All of our homes are brand-new or newly renovated houses or townhomes with updated appliances and a freshly painted interior so that all you have to do is simply move in and enjoy the new space! With our rigorous quality assurance program, you can rest easy knowing that your rental home will exceed your high standards! This way you can focus on what matters most – your loved ones.

“My family and I are relocating and the process is a large undertaking. ResiHome made this process seamless and provided elite customer service in every interaction. In particular, Drew provided assistance on demand and calmed my fears at every turn. I would recommend this company and their services to anyone looking for a place to call home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, ResiHome!”

5-star Google review from
Ebony T.

Family Unpacking in new hope

2. Pet (and People) Friendly //

When you’re renting, you’re not just looking for a place to live, you’re looking for a home. You need a home where your guests feel welcome and where you can play fetch in the backyard with your pup. Good news – your furry (and not so furry) friends are welcome! We understand that pets can be a very important part of the family, which means they’re important to us too.

Click HERE to check out our Pet Policy!

Man on laptop with dog

3. A Helping Hand //

If you’re having trouble logging into your ResiHome portal or if you need assistance with a leaky faucet, we’re here to help. Whether we’re in the office or out in the field, we are dedicated to living out our core values on a daily basis. At ResiHome, we find joy in actively exhibiting enthusiasm, positivity, and responsibility in every area of our lives.

“They are ALWAYS there when I need something. I appreciate how quickly they respond to work orders. Super nice customer service.”

5-star Google review
Ashley A.

Man fixing lighting fixture

Overall, being a renter and finding your ideal rental home can seem like a challenge in and of itself. But that’s where we come in. ResiHome simplifies the rental process by offering our residents brand-new or newly renovated homes in major markets across the nation at affordable prices. Better yet, combining personalized technology with our first-class customer service, we provide our residents an enhanced rental experience unlike any other. This success is driven by our customer-first approach, everyday teamwork, and consistent innovation as we spearhead our way through the single-family residential market across the nation.

Ready to begin your ResiHome journey? Click below to explore a wide selection of single-family homes that offer state-of-the-art rental homes with all the perks of a brand-new or recently renovated home without the hassle or cost of a long-term commitment.

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